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Learn belly dance online learning online belly dancing datura raqs online bellydance academy


Not all of us have the opportunity to be part of a belly dance academy, either because of the distance or lack of time. Studying online would be a very good idea for people who want to start or improve their technique on belly dancing.

Lately many renowned dancers have launched their online classes, so luckily we have many options with different content

Here is a list of belly dance online class:


Datura Online is your resource for learning how to belly dance with high quality online belly dance classes plus yoga, Pilates and fitness videos streamed directly to you from Rachel Brice's Datura Studio. Choose classes that fit your schedule, style, or budget, and take them anywhere you have internet.


Get instant access to online bellydance classes! Learn anytime, anywhere from your favorite teachers at your own pace and schedule. High quality streaming video allows you to view on any device including your computer, tablet, smartphone, or web-enabled television.

♥  RAQS ONLINE by Sadie Marquardt

Are you ready to take your dance and fitness to new levels? Join Raqs Online and stream video classes 24/7 by world renowned teachers. Don't limit your practice to just your computer! RAQS ONLINE will continue to release more apps as we grow! You'll be able to stream the internet's best dance and fitness classes on over 1000 devices


Belly dance videos for beginners and advanced level, crash-course style, dance workout and in-depth belly dancing classes. Take the fast track to learn the basics, with solid technique from step one. Practice and perfect your technique with our belly dance workout video non-stop movement programs, all featuring real performance dance moves in beautifully-resolved and gradually-built combinations.


Over 1450 minutes in 85 high definition videos, 20 styles of oriental dancing and 51 unique original choreographies made and presented exclusively for Belly Dance Academy from the best international dance instructors. Instructors: Mohamed Kazafy, Vaagn Tadevosyan, Shahrzad, Oxana Bazaeva, Isis Bellydance, etc… 3 different levels of difficulty – of skills for each choreography!


Essence of Bellydance is a new holistic method combining the sensual art of belly dance with Pelvic Floor Integration™ and contemporary mindfulness- and bodywork-techniques.


SMB Online is a bellydance school that you can access anytime and anywhere you have internet access! I’m Helen Santa Maria and it’s my aim to give you step by step, non-intimidating bellydance classes that help you embrace your body like never before – even if you’re super limited on time and space!


Happy dancing!



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