My first belly dance class

My first Belly Dance Class: How to prepare yourself.

As we know, if you never participated in a dance class, your first time you will feel a little nervous and lost. The important thing is that you took the first step, with great courage you enrolled in your first dance class. To ensure a great first class, we will give you some tips:


♥  Be early: Arriving early to the class will give you more security, and you will be able to know in advance the facilities of the classroom. You can also relate a little more with the teacher or other dance classmate.


♥  What to wear: At the time of registering for the dance class you could ask if there is any obligatory dress or uniform. The recommended thing is to wear comfortable and a little tight clothes, so that the teacher can correct your movements. On the feet, you can be barefoot, ballet shoes or jazz sneakers.


♥  Avoid eating or drinking too much before class. Because belly dance requires many abdomen movements, it is not very comfortable to be very full and the most important thing can affect digestion.


♥  After class, you can stay longer and try to get to know more about the teacher and your dance mates.


Happy dancing!


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