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Belly dance light up wings Starry lights 300 Led (Blue)

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Our Belly Dance Light Up Wings will turn your performance into a sensational spectacle of light and color. Every dance will be more entrancing; every move more magical. You'll be the brightest butterfly, radiating dazzling luminescence!

  • Captivate and dazzle your audience with stunning light and color!
  • 300 battery-powered LED lights shine brightly as you dance in the dark
  • Starry modes for fabulous flashing color
  • Easy to set up and can be turned on/off during your performance
  • Open wings measure 300cm. Suitable for dancers of 155-170cm height
  • Great for stage shows, carnivals, and costume parties.

How to use:

  • Insert the sticks into the holes on each side of the wings
  • Insert 3 x AA batteries into the compartment and turn on the switch
  • Lace up the tie around your neck to keep the wings secure
  • Take to the stage, spread your wings, and wow your audience!

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