15 Benefits of Belly Dance

Belly dance benefits benefits of belly dancing

Benefits of Belly Dancing

To start with, belly dancing is a very low-impact exercise which makes it suitable for women of any age. It is a total body workout that involves movements that come naturally to the female form, making it a very low injury risk exercise. Contrary to its name, the dance focuses on a lot more muscle groups than just the belly. 

Here are the main 15 benefits of belly dancing:

♥ It provides flexibility to the whole body

♥ Power the cardiovascular system

♥ It increases body resistance

♥ Reduces stress and tension

♥ Stimulates the proper functioning of internal organs

♥ Decreases back pains

♥ Increases lung capacity

♥ Irrigate the blood with more oxygen

♥ Prevents constipation

♥ Attenuates the pains of menstruation

♥ Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles

♥ Strengthens the immune system and the hormonal system

♥ Elevates the capacity of perception of the own body

♥ Greater sensuality, spirituality and transcendence

♥ Ability to visualize and imagine

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